The process

Search assignments within Africa are uniquely complex due to a variety of factors, but AfricaSearch’s experience in this area has yielded a valuable network within various industries across numerous African countries. This network, combined with our specialised research and search processes, equip us to successfully access the best talent.

Our highly experienced and professional research consultants make use of up-to-the-minute information and communications technologies in order to research, enquire into, access and engage senior professionals within the continent.
We like to work with the senior executives of organizations, as well as with line managers, in order for us all to be aligned in our thinking. Through that engagement we are able to clearly define the parameters of the assignment.
Our process takes the form of a search assignment, whereby we penetrate our extensive network, conduct detailed, in-depth research and make direct approaches. We like to work in partnership with clients so that you can calibrate and guide us during the search to facilitate the closest possible match between your requirements and our candidates.
We verify candidates’ educational qualifications at the time of the offer being made if requested to do so by the client.
In an assignment we commit our resources of networking expertise, experience, passionate involvement, our database, time and travel.